Our Story
AWOGA, the AWOGA Presidents’ Council, and The Committee for the Rehabilitation & Restoration at AWMS
The Annie Walsh Old Girls Association (AWOGA), a body of Annie Walsh Memorial School Alumnae, consists of eleven AWOGA Branches worldwide: Canada, Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom, and in the United States of America - Carolinas, New York/New Jersey, Northern California, Southeastern, Texas, and Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Excluding its founding branch, AWOGA Freetown, the lifespan of AWOGA branches range up to 36 years.
In 2011, a consortium of AWOGA branches was formed named “The AWOGA Presidents Council” to help branches work as a single team on shared primary defined goals & objectives. This Council was inaugurated with its first Conference call on 18th June 2011.
It is a key communication tool that brings all the branches together for the purpose of sharing information at both branch and global levels, interacting with and knowing who the Presidents of the various branches are and most importantly working together in a coordinated, effective and efficient fashion towards a common goal for our Alma Mater.
Through its Liaison, The AWOGA Presidents’ Council works collaboratively with AWMS Principals, The AWMS Development Committee and consequently with the sub-Committees - Finance, Estate, Administration, Curriculum and Legal as well as AWMS Alumnae. The Liaison keeps the AWOGA Branches glued together and promotes accountability and transparency with partners in all dealings and transactions for joint projects.
“Committee for the Rehabilitation & Restoration at AWMS” is a Task Force comprising of members of the AWOGA Presidents’ Council, and the AWMS Development Fund which was put together with a mission to develop and implement a worldwide outreach fundraising campaign. The Task Force was later renamed “ Committee for the Rehabilitation & Restoration at AWMS” to more definitively and clearly reflect its mission.