AWMS 2Rs Campaign Committee - Update #3
November 2021

Moving forward with our aim to provide a structurally safe building for both students and teachers, a healthy and conducive environment that enhances teaching and learning, and at the same time maintain the façade of the oldest building, the 2Rs Campaign Committee has engaged the services of Techsult & Co Ltd, Consulting Engineers, of 26 Percival Street, Freetown as Structural Engineers for the Restoration and Rehabilitation Project of the 1865 Main Building of the School.

In their capacity as Structural Engineers, Techsult & Co Ltd will undertake the following:

  • - Inspection, tests, analysis and preparation of structural drawings
  • - Supervision of the construction work

Following further discussions with the Campaign Committee, on Friday October 22, 2021, Techsult & Co Ltd, have further agreed to undertake the recruitment of the services of a Quantity Surveyor and a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer to advance the project.

The 2Rs Campaign Committee currently awaits the:
  • - Structural Drawings from Techsult & Co, Ltd which will take about 6 weeks
  • - the drawings of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineer and
  • - Quantities from the Quantity Surveyor

These dimensions mean increase in cost and the need for more funds. We would therefore need to embark on fundraisers to meet these new projections.

This challenge is on all of us, for Unity is Strength. Let’s work hard to preserve the AWMS 1865 Main Building

Committee for Restoration & Rehabilitation - AWOGA Presidents’ Council