AWMS 2Rs Campaign Committee - Update #4
April 2022

First a recap from Update #3
In their capacity as Structural Engineers, Techsult & Co Ltd will undertake the following:
  • Inspection, tests, analysis, and preparation of structural drawing
  • Supervision of the construction work
Following further discussions with the Campaign Committee, on Friday, October 22, 2021, Techsult & Co, Ltd., further agreed to undertake the recruitment of the services of a Quantity Surveyor and a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer to advance the project.

Following up on the above from Update 3, the AWMS 2Rs Campaign has made the following progress:

  • A formal agreement detailing binding financial costs has been reached and signed by both contracting parties - The AWMS 2Rs Campaign and Techsult & Co Ltd., Consulting Engineers, of 26 Percival Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone, as Structural Engineers for the Project. This agreement also includes binding financial agreements with
  • Harstec and Associates the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering firm, and
  • Ron Greene and Associates the Quantity Surveyors
  • A request for exemption from Goods and Services Tax (GST) due National Revenue Authority (NRA) by the campaign for the project, has been forwarded to His Lordship the Bishop, in his capacity as Proprietor and Chairman, Board of Governors, for onward transmission to the NRA. This request is based on the “Exemption under the Second Schedule of the ‘Goods and Services Tax Act’ that educational institutions can benefit from a status exemption under certain circumstances
The Campaign awaits further development on these fronts..

Further Updates to follow.

Fundraising Continues.

Also, the souvenir flash drives spotlighting the rationale for this 1865 Project, held on January 10, 2021, are still available for sale. Please contact the Campaign’s Treasurer, Dr. Boi-Betty Udom, at