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Launched January 10, 2021

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Welcome to AWMS 2Rs Fundraising Campaign

Alumnae, Donors, Well-wishers, and Supporters of the Annie Walsh Memorial School, The AWMS 2Rs Campaign Committee expresses sincere thanks, on behalf of the school, AWOGA Presidents’ Council and all AWOGA Chapters, for your encouraging responses and generous contributions to the January 10th Launch of the Campaign to Restore and Rehabilitate the Main Administration Building of the School in Freetown.

Although we have reached our initial goal of $50,000, which was based on a projected estimate in the Assessment Report submitted last year, we are continuing with the fundraising as ongoing appraisals of the situation of this 19th century building indicate more in-depth structural inspection and demands.

Additionally, continuous fluctuation in currency and prices of building materials makes it advisable to continue fundraising as contingency to cover unexpected increase in requirements and cost over-run.

Please continue visiting the website periodically to receive updates on the status of the renovation and restoration project, once it gets underway within a couple of months.

We appreciate your interest in The Annie Walsh Memorial School and thank you for your support as we continue to work with zeal.

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